zillix games


made in one month for ld october challenge

endeavor! endeavor!

play as a dwarf in an epic journey! featuring a vast world, powerups, and three endings

reviewed at JayIsGames

the Isle

made in 48 hrs for ld 46

theisle! theisle!

learn the tale of the Isle, where there are more questions than answers


made in 48 hrs for ld 45

errant! errant!

explore a world that’s not quite ready yet


made in 48 hrs for ld 36

anachroma! anachroma!

explore an enigmatic world devoid of color

reviewed at JayIsGames

the wolf and the moon

made in 48 hrs for ld 35

wolf&moon! wolf&moon!

relive the fable of the wolf and the moon


made in 48 hrs for ld 33

taikun! taikun

terrorize a village with a robot dragon


made in 48 hrs for ld 32

respire! respire

deep underwater, your breath is your weapon


made in 48 hrs for ld 31

aspire! aspire

battle your way to the top of the tower


made in 48 hrs for ld 30

juxtapose! juxtapose

aid four travelers stranded on mirror worlds

reviewed at JayIsGames


made in 48 hrs for ld 29

denudation! denudation

battle in an unexpected encounter in the desert

reviewed at JayIsGames


made in 48 hrs for ld 27

exposure! exposure

explore ancient ruins under the hot sun of an alien desert

reviewed at JayIsGames


made in 48 hrs for ld 26

nadir! nadir!

help violet piece together how their adventure fell apart


made in 48 hrs for ld 25

hunt! hunt!

on a dark night, partake in a deadly hunt in a demon's mansion

life, undeath

made in 48 hrs for ld 24

life undeath! life undeath!

by trying to survive, artificially select zombie traits


made in 48 hours for ld 23

terminus! terminus!

the sky is falling. where are the gods? what will you do? you have an axe. you have five minutes.


made in 20 work hours for mini ld 27

acquiescence! acquiescence!

meet people and make choices on your quest to rescue the princess on a brief and minimalist journey.


made in 48 hours for ld 20

p.i.g! p.i.g!

use a portal tunnel gun to solve puzzles!


made in 48 hours for mini ld 21


a young dwarf must scale a treacherous mountain to save his father


made in one week for mini ld 24

EPIC report!

collect flying letters with your mouse to write epic reports! features 4 reports, each with unique aesthetics and settings.

terra coda

made in 48 hours for ld19

terra coda! terra coda!

through an anomaly in time, you must relive the last moments of a doomed space station repeatedly, gathering enough information to save the station and to return home

reviewed at JayIsGames


made in 48 hours for ld18


using only your flashlight, try to find your way out of an ancient cavern system


made in one month for the stride endurance contest on kongregate


escape the expanding molten core of the planet! run around to collect coins and ice to slow the core, buying upgrades and repairing your ship along the way!




a collaboration with co-designer and artist sunburst. compete in engaging head to head battles to save what's left of a godless world. an epic multiplayer puzzle fighter with rpg elements

stellar adventure


stellar adventure!

travel from planet to planet, dodge meteors, build weapons, roll around!



cameran! cameran!

explore a rich environment, solve puzzles with your camera, discover and interact with dozens of critters. features art and music by selenoscope.

zillix libraries


fixed-camera 3d library for flixel

created for exposure, this add-on library adds a new dimension to flixel.

• distance scaling
• camera panning and zooming
• target-following camera
• move + jump controls
• x/y plane climbing


nape integration library for flixel

created for denudation and used in respire, this library integrates the nape physcis engine to work with flixel.

• box + circle physics
• chains
• bubbles
• move + jump controls

about zillix

hi! I'm Alex!

I make small experimental games with minimalist controls. I like to use retro graphics that I make myself.

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